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Oct 03, 2018
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Zelda No Densetsu for the first time Densetsu 1995 owner Satellaview develops an action-adventure game broadcast on the Zelda series Nintendo Legend, but that connection is not a hero in the first four games. Instead, they are the same as the main character player Satellaview game BS X. Selects tasks and is really connected through a functional and all over game plot. MAP2 and BS Zelda No Densetsu: Together To Believe Inishie No Sekiban, Zelda In the meantime, a BS Zelda Densetsu, BS Zelda was a generic spin-off title from Densetsu. With the genre of Zelda originals for the NES of the SNES, but 16-bit graphics capabilities, BS Zelda No Densetsu is sometimes considered an improved version of the original game. is coming.

The title of the game is obtained through the broadcast satellite through which the game distribution system, St.GIGA (August 1995) was the first Satellaview between the transmission date and the last transmission (to the owner in January 1997) in its name. Because of the Satellaview Code rigorous two game pieces the first SoundLink game Zelda Densetsu was broadcast quantitatively and the continuous streaming vocal track was created. The voice speaker used, not BS Zelda Densetsu, has been the world's first integrated radio play and it uses the title of Zelda for the first time published by Nintendo.

The game was broadcast a total of 5 times and was linked to many events related to national competitions and awards. According to the game "Second Quest Original Zelda, No Densetsu Legend: Map 2 - No Densetsu BS Zelda Edition Remix Satellaview provides players functional popularity among the property BS Zelda.


Zelda no Densetsu gameplay kinetics (and Zelda no Densetsu: MAP2) The first history is comparable to Zelda, but there are some essential differences that exist between the two-game Zelda and BS Zelda different experiences. The first is to use the differences between BS and Zelda to make Land available for SoundLink information.

As the world's first satellite-based integrated radio play, the first approach to the problem presented in implementing BS Zelda streaming SoundLink broadcasting is to link sound files to process meaningful supporting characters. For example, since Zelda no Densetsu: Players can keep SoundLink to move messages by reading a message in the game BS clock when no Sekiban Inishie displays, the game Zelda stops "Listen carefully "a few hits once. During this time the players heard the testimony (Kiyoshi Kobayashi - played the magical potential of the old man or warning of what happened at Hyrule elsewhere in the country) How to introduce full speech gameplay and scenes, Princess Zelda paused and related details during another period. The plot is broadcast.

Act to learn elements of sound files, system. A display clock on a strictly time-based screen gives the right excitement to watch at any time to play "Zelda Time" and during the game, the real played time may not even stop playing. Is. "There are some predetermined action events of different Zelda." These events upgrade to use more powerful versions of Weapons / Ammunition items and / or unlimited use of items for a limited time, death or all enemies of a room active or fairy appearance.

In each episode of the game the limited player is divided into quarters lacking with some limited play by stopping where objects are in the field (only the subtitle is standard Satellaview, suffixes X, in which X1 and number 4 in between) and the installment is the majority or map in the world, after which episode. The obstacles used are overcome by being overcome. This ensures that players are allowed to reveal new areas of the world map of the speed gaming experience and events, taking into account the details of the sewing SoundLink plot closely. Zelda 16 was used in the Upper World 8 grid 8 show Zelda Originals 8 was The Legend of BS The Upper World was changed, [19] although the map is the first obvious in terms of general conditions, the most obvious feature of Zelda.

Others are quite different again as the legend of DungeonQuest Zelda. [24] Consequently, BS Zelda 2 may sometimes be referred to as the "Fourth Quest." Continuing the tradition, the Zelda reference to another Quest. Zelda map is known as the "Third Quest of the Legend" ", where the Quest Dungeon map spelled the layout. "Zelda" Third Quest Layout Mantra "St.GIGA" began in the second [19] and "Nintendo" sits in the fourth quest.

On the contrary, according to the original Zelda, Zelda BS player name and gender Satellaview game interface, BS X.This game.The characters were chosen to be selected early and the anonymous "child" played out or the announced declaration ". "Young."

Increasing the maximum number of rupees more than a thousand Zelda and BS Zelda 255 allows for a net result for such elements as the fact that the matching algorithm was completed at the end of the game, and additionally the other differences between a player, and "Zelda time." Ganon was killed, how Triforce was collected in many parts, again counting the beginning of the number, losing a number of hearts, and collecting the number of Rs.