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Oct 03, 2018
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Game Japan, originally released in Super Mario Bros. 1986, was more difficult to play down the US market. In short, the story goes, because Super Mario Bros 2 is an all-new different party theme game, then was sold to the Americans. And, finally, what the Japanese market was brought back.


  • The game records all the coins players collect during the game, so just to finish the fun part of the level. Like gold each level rings valuable gold versions and the ability to turn the opportunity to enemies of almost everything Mario coins in its path with the golden flower blonde.
  • Coin Rush Mode Player Street is more than three levels by their record and the challenge is to beat friends possible and collect more coins allowed.
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the all-new scrolling adventure Mario and Luigi game. Two players have the opportunity to play for each game, using the game in two-player multiplayer mode and local wireless.
  • Raccoon Mario is back in the secret areas of Mario's ability to fly and access.
  • Players will purchase the Nintendo eShop in retail stores, either to download or to allow the entire game through the game.