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Oct 03, 2018
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Developed by Conker's Bad Fur Day, a platforming video rare and part of the game's Nintendo 64 Console Conker series in 2001, the game tells the story of Conker squirrel, a greedy, heavy-drinking red squirrels trying to return the girlfriend home. It is a player mode in which the player is a multiplayer player that challenges jump over obstacles, solve puzzles and battle enemies and it is supported for four players. Load required.

However, visually similar Conker's bad rare last Nintendo 64 game Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 is a mature audience and references Marks pop culture, alcohol and tobacco, profanity, crude humor use, and references. The game was developed over four years and has been open to the public for a family was basic; Since then the preview has been re-equipped in both its similar form and in its current form of criticism for the rare first stage of the game.

Conker's Bad Fur Day video game journalist who appealed to his views and received smart, critical acclaim and witty humor acclaim since his release. The game was sold due to Nintendo 64 release due to the end of the life cycle as well as limited advertising and less than expected, but its unique style deserves cult following reasons. A remake, Conker Live Reloaded and was released in 2005 for the Xbox in 2005, is included as a rare piece to play the Xbox One compile game.


Conker's Bad Fur Day features a variety of seven mini-games, as well as multiplayer options: Beach, Raptor, Theft, Deathmatch, War, Tanks, and Origins. It has eight different levels: Total War, Color, Temple, Vault, Bunker Beach, Lava Track and Tank Warzone, except the last three folk can be played in deathmatch mode. A death bunker level is unique.

Health is just as measured in single-player mode in chocolate.

Beach, player controls either Frenchies or Tediz. As Frenchies, the player must guide the beach without waiting holidays to drive the French refuge killed by Tediz. Tediz mounted sniper rifle sound vehicles either below three separate solid fires at Frenchies locations, with the evacuation of refugees, a rocket launcher, or a chain gun. Frenchies, known by balancing out drivers who prevent Tediz's separation and provide it along with windows without the beach being made to resist, are disarmed, but a detonator switch can be reversed. However, in any case, the Sergeant, who did not kill the caution from Tediz as the Beach Frenches, cut off the visual Frenchies that within a few minutes of flight, it is immediately a map of laser weapons in the hands of the dead, forced to move fast and wait the Frenchies too long. Was.

Uga-Bugas is a group of other teams, while snacks are played to play as a stolen dino egg, including remote controls such as Fangys which feed the baby Dino's two players.

Introduce the parody of Reservoir Dogs by name Theft. Take four teams (either two teams or how to copy each copy based on one player's set) - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Root Wild RBI everywhere. Without the purse, level center to carry their respective locker damage all the way back to it without death (in this case, they are trying to lose the back of the pocket and center).

Capture the flag with either the large crew Deathmatch or all the weapons in the game between each level if the battle is scattered. Two bases, both at each level, access point majority seats and a wide area between different strategies. For example, the groove in which it's gas tank killed all soldiers insecure total war footing.

The Tank class uses twenty tanks of single-player mode. Players, go to a big canyon with eggs and fight for the alternative. Choose upgrades and death in your bunker. Players also like to pack gas, at every stage of the battle, and their bunker, where they return to safety.

Race is a multiplayer version of single-player mini-games only. Here the players have to go on a volcano with their hoverboard. They crash the walls of other players and if not careful attack and die. The exact amount of the first round can be determined before the match or the last man to win.

All the multiplayer maps available to play Beach in Deathmatch, but with tanks and race. In this method, the characters basically just try to kill another character in the field.

Conker's Bad Fur Day Continues announced that it was also known as the sequel but it was known as the Xbox Conker game Reloaded Live and Released 2005, especially the Bad Remake of the Day Conker bad, as well as a multiplayer mode, improved with the bathroom The graphics and audio fur de Conker can be considered current. It is very clear that that post is not a rare 2013 sequel that leaves Chris Gutter company more than ongoing advertising. However, the April 2015 episode is made to find the project Spark that turns ten years later, rather than a bad day for fur, technically known as Conker's Big Réunion.