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Oct 03, 2018
Nintendo DS
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Let me tell you about Dragon Quest a good game called Xi. With the heart of the game, there are many players here. The number of games over the years has become popular. As an avid player, he has only played one game more than a few games, and in fact, I have played it for the 3rd time.

Game: 10/10

Well, the gameplay is what you would expect from a standard Dragon Quest rate. But this is too much. Many variations of random wars in the gameplay are followed by this kind of intervention that people can't quite afford. Researching it, you should distract so you should be a little careful in this story mostly. Also, now you can customize your character and you will not get bogged down at the fuss level. What could be more is that you help a friend through history, and you can do this by joining a game or you invite them into your world? The inevitable play-op is well-equipped with potential.


  • This is a wonderful game that you should never miss!
  • You want Jade Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball, character designer Akira Toriyama
  • If you like Final Fantasy, Coupe de Grace is a must for the Japanese or American version.
  • If you like World of Warcraft, you get the best things to do to get free use of your quest and collect OCD items here.
  • If you do a cooperative game, you can enjoy your friends and have fun with the plot of the game.
  • If you like Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior, you will surely go crazy with this. You can easily get drunk!